Environmental Engineering

Jessica Madsen, Department Head
Aaron Colin, Lead Project Manager

The K-Plus Engineering Services team includes former Environmental Protection Agency employees, wetland experts, biologists, chemists as well as licensed asbestos and radon inspectors. Our client relationships include financial institutions, real estate companies, municipalities and private and public entities.

We provide a wide array of services for all types of projects, both large and small, including environmental site audits and assessment services, asbestos/lead/radon inspection and abatement management and design of green infrastructure solutions.

Featured Projects

  • Wrigley Field ESA
    Included site improvement plans, green bioswales, parking lot layout design, landscape plans and permitting

  • Subsurface and SRP Closure
    Use of TACO to calculate site specific Tier II property objectives and model site contamination

  • Wetland Delineation
    Determination of jurisdictional wetlands with identification of vegetation, soil and hydrology indicators


  • Environmental Phase I and II Assessments
  • Cost Analysis
  • Soil & Groundwater Investigation
  • Air Quality
  • Wetland Identification
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Litigation Support
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Program Management & Planning
  • Noise Quality Analysis
  • Site Remediation Program (SRP)/LUST Closure
  • Risk Based Closure
  • Asbestos & Lead Assessment/Abatement
  • UST Compliance
  • Environmental Impact Statement Reports
  • RCRA/CERCLA Consulting
  • Regulatory Review & Assistance