Company Profile

K-Plus Engineering Services has been delivering long-term, cost-effective solutions to our clients in the areas of stormwater management, civil and environmental engineering and construction administration.

Our President, Linda Caplice, leads our team of licensed engineers, environmental scientists, wetland experts, geologists and project managers as we serve a range of clients from the governmental and private sectors.

Our solutions are based in the fundamentals of engineering and the specifics of our clients' state of affairs. From design best practices to meeting maintenance expectations to finding funding options, K-Plus Engineering Services brings it all together and delivers.

We strive to built long lasting relationships with our business partners and clients. Our client list includes many of the nation's largest banks, government agencies, manufacturers, industrial operations, financial institutions, real estate developers, law firms, and municipalities. We understand our clients' requirements and rely on years of practical business experience to help each client achieve continued success.